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Bicultural Food Event In Paris

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Grand Tablée Franco Syrienne

A cooking event organized by The "Refugee Food Festival" in Paris.

The four main dishes that have been served during the event

Haitham Karachay and Chloé Charles touch our hearts with their menu.

Pita bread sandwiches. Chicken wings. Roasted cauliflower with Tahini Sauce, and finally the dessert: Poached pears in white wine.

“The two chefs work together in a creative way to give pleasure to people.”

French Syrian Food

In the Parisian hall "Ground Control" which is a place for cultural independent or official activities, you can find there huge sharable tables surrounded with numerous food stands and Libraries, Ping Pong tables, Music Stages, and Video Games Corner. The Parisian youth go there to meet their friends and enjoy some musical activities or play some games or simply to have a drink or eat from one of the very good food stands.

On the evening of 23/February/2020, in one of those Food stands a very special one called "La Résidence" an event called Grand Tablée which is a cooperation between two chefs:

The French chef Chloé Charles At 33 she engaged in more sustainable cooking and catering" She combines the pleasure of eating, love of beautiful products, respect for the environment and the desire to share her recipes.

"Before I wanted to be a chef, I liked to eat. Then one day I realized that it was a job."

And The refugee chef Haitham Karachay from Syria, he participated in the Refugee Food Festival in 2018 and 2019 alongside chefs Charles Neyers - La Traversée - by Stéphane Jégo - L'Ami Jean - and Antoine Villard & Tatiana Levah - Double Dragon.

"For me, cooking is a language"

The event was tense for the two chefs and the other four people in the kitchen team, the place was crowded with the visitors who came specially with a pre-booked ticket, they were waiting in the line for their meals after each meal is ready each visitor takes his/her meal and go directly to get the special wine glass. after that, they sit on the booked big table which is full of Mezze and sauces, especially for the event.

" La Résidence is the first Parisian restaurant and training place dedicated to refugees chefs"

Every 2 to 6 months, La Résidence welcomes a new French refugee chef who takes control of the restaurant’s kitchen to share his/her cuisine and the flavors from his/her country of origin with the general public.

It Was a Delicious Cultural Event

Most people took a photo of their meals which is a sign of good food in this era of time.

You can Watch The Full event Video In This Link:

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