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About Us

Who We Are!

  • We are a multinational production group established in Paris, our team members are around the world, in several lands moreover cities which give us a wide view of the world art scene.

  • The combined experiences of the in-house team cover feature films, music videos, short films, live events, new media content and video, and film production.

  • We always learn from our experiences and those of others, respect the experiences of all human beings and try to embody these experiences with works of art that reach everyone.

  • We contribute to the world's cultural heritage by creating original artistic content that tells stories of humans and lives.

  • We believe in the interaction between the individual and the art producer by respecting everyone's personal stories to Artcubing cultural interactions between humans.

  • We stick to our values: Openness, Creativity, High Quality and authenticity.



 Let's interact........Let’s “ArtCube”

We Are Interested In Your Experience

ArtCube is always searching for those who want to tell their stories, by Artcubing their life experiences to inspirational Videos, music, stories others….


Artcube are interested in managing and creating Cultural events could let people inspired by each other's stories and  trying to reduce the emptiness between their ideas

We work across numerous films and video genres.

Whether you are creating a trade-show video or a documentary,

We can provide script-to-screen solutions with a

top-of-the-line professional look and sound.

Whether shooting on location or in our studio, we will create the feel that conveys your message.  

You Need A Hint!

You have an idea or a story and you don't know how to start!

Just contact us we know how to help you do it.

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