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Mafloum FastFilm Festival Announcement

Dear Filmmakers, Directors, and Workers in Production Pre-Production and Post-Production field from around the world, we invite you to participate in Mafloum FastFilm Festival (MFFF) From Maazoul Multimedia Network, which is Festival for films have been made quickly and spontaneously by filmmakers, the films will be shown every Sunday on Maazoul network platforms (Facebook, YouTube Instagram).

Mafloum It is not like any other festival, it is a weekly festival, films will be shown every Sunday night.

Who is entitled to participate?

- Workers in filmmaking and audiovisual productions from all countries, including filmmakers, directors, video editors, photographers, and other workers wishing to participate in this experience, whether professional or an amateur who have practical experiences in one of the production or creative fields even if they have simple experiences.

Film length: All films are acceptable: long, short, and medium in length.

Film genre and technology: Unspecified. (Fiction - Documentary others...) (Animation - Camera others...)

Language: Not specified, all languages are welcome, in case the films are in languages other than Arabic and English, it is preferable to attach a translation file in English or Arabic.

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Requirements and Preferences

1- The film must be specially made to participate in the Mafloum festival to ensure the spontaneity of the work and preserve the idea of the random movie. The filmmaker has the right to publish her/his film and dispose of it as he/she wants.
2- The film should contain a story, in other words, it should not be just a motion picture, or just video art, or only an editorial video, it should only be a film with a story or conflict.

3- The picture and the music that will be used in the film must either be (original): made specifically for the movie, or music and videos that do not have copyright claim or it should be Royalty Free - Public Domain so that YouTube and Facebook do not block the film.

4- It is preferred that the film has been made (the working time) with a period not exceeding three hours and two weeks as a maximum from the date of the show to preserve the idea of spontaneity and making.
5- It is forbidden to talk about squirrels in films in any way, positive or negative.
6- The films must be sent before two o'clock in the afternoon every Sunday so that we have time to publish it.

7- Maazoul Network has the right to show the films on all its platforms (Youtube - Facebook - Instagram) and others. The filmmaker has the right to show her/his film wherever they want. We do not have any authority or ownership of the films we want to show the films within the period of the festival and it is every Sunday and keep the films Maazoul Network platforms For everyone, except in special cases (for example, the filmmaker want us to remove the film from Maazoul platforms for an important reason).

To participate, you can send your films to, and please title the email with the Mafloum FastFilm Festival and the small explanation words of the film in the text of the mail.

About Mafloum

Mafloum is a fast-made independent film festival, relying on films that were made spontaneously and with simple preparations. We try in Mafloum to select films that have been made by professional filmmakers or multimedia production professional workers who want to make quick films and test this experience and also try to keep a large space for new filmmakers and people who are interested in expressing themselves through Films.

Mafloum started as the Sunday Night Film Maazoul network, and we tried to work on a fast made Film every Sunday night.

In Mafloum, we try to escape as much as possible from the rules and intricacies of production and the cinematographic and visual industry codes and templates in general, and our focus on the story or the simple story with a little randomness and Fast made Films, and free from production rules pressures also by maintaining a level of quality and to try to test our cinematic instinct Or our instinct of storytelling


Thanks a lot and a hundred Flowers

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