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Maazoul is a network of multimedia platforms, established by professionals in creative, visual, audio and written productions.

It is also attended by a group of specialists in various non-media fields.

In Maazoul everyone is welcome to communicate their thoughts through our content creators.

Maazoul Network supported by the Art Cube Productions group in Paris, France.

How did we get started?

Maazoul Network founded by Mohammad Hijazi, later on, a group of friends and relatives who specializing in media, creative and artistic production joined Maazoul.

The idea started by experimenting with an online radio to communicate between friends and reduce isolation for everyone by sharing audio messages within the Live Show, to be an unconventional means of communication that imposes a kind of performance on listeners and participants to reduce the monotony and pressure of isolation on them, and on the other hand to exchange experiences between The content creators involved in creating the programs for the radio and for the video platform that was later established on Facebook.

In Maazoul Network we produce multiple programs and shows Live Shows - interviews - news - music - entertainment - short films - series - information shows and others … that mimic the craft or workmanship in quality and move as far as possible from templates and patterns, with an open ceiling in the manner and type, we are keen in Maazoul Network to interact with Followers, whether on the communication pages or on the radio, as of us that the audience is our friend.

At Maazoul Network, we may sometimes cooperate with non-professional producers and help them develop their ideas to reach a form that is viewable in terms of quality of manufacture.

Maazoul Network content creators and great leaders:

Alaa Ghazal

Amer Al-Barzawi

Ammar Dalati

Ammar Khattab

Anmar Hijazi

Bahraa Hijazi

Elias Abu Assali

Farouk Nashar

Haitham Karachay

Minas Ramadan

Mohammad Hijazi

Nanda Mohammad

And others are joining

Hear us, watch us and support us

#Maazoul Network

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